Many business owners focus on redesigning their interior or upgrading their marketing plan when they want to increase sales or foot traffic at their storefront. While there’s nothing wrong with these tactics, it sometimes makes more sense to focus on the exterior aspects of your property first. After all, the exterior of a business can make a lasting impression. For example, a new or redesigned parking lot can really go a long way in improving the look of your business and increasing your business revenue.

It might seem odd at first, but when you think about it, the type of parking lot you have can definitely make a difference in your overall business performance. From boosting the image of your business to increasing capacity and even safety, there are numerous reasons you and your customers can benefit from pavement restoration or other commercial asphalt services. Learn more about the surprising ways a new parking lot can boost your business revenue below.

New Parking Lots Improve Aesthetics

While it would be nice if curb appeal didn’t play a role in consumer decision-making, with so many companies and businesses out there, it’s impossible not to factor in appearance when choosing where to shop. If your parking lot is cracked or full of potholes, this can be a deterrent for potential customers. 

Working with a qualified local commercial asphalt repair service can help you put your best foot forward, repairing your parking lot and restoring it to its original glory. While it is often overlooked by business owners, parking lot aesthetics can attract first-time customers who may just be driving by your business. A new or improved parking lot can have a major impact.

New Parking Lots Improve Safety

Even if you have a limited liability insurance policy, you don’t want to have to cover the costs of an accident in your parking lot due to negligent maintenance. This is where a new parking lot can really help. From improving drainage to adding speed bumps to slow drivers down, revitalizing a parking lot can go a long way towards reducing your insurance risk. Even making parking blocks more visible or providing wider ADA parking spots can play a role in improving the safety and functionality of your parking lot. When you weigh these benefits against a costly insurance hike, it’s clear which is the most business-savvy decision. 

Empty Parking Lot With Arrows That Can Improve Safety

New Parking Lots Maximize Your Business Opportunities

What are some of the biggest ways that parking lots can drive profits? By allowing you to take full advantage of the business opportunities you currently have. For example, if your business is open late but doesn’t seem to attract many shoppers at that time, it might make sense to take a look at whether or not your parking lot is adequately lit to make customers feel safe visiting at night.

Working with a company that specializes in commercial asphalt services can also help you figure out how to maximize the number of spots in your parking lot’s existing footprint. Even adding three or four more parking spots could make it more likely that the customers you’ve worked hard to attract can actually park and shop at your establishment.

When it comes to getting any of the above work done, you need a local professional you can trust. A company like AA Asphalting, with decades of experience, will be able to give you professional recommendations and help you revitalize your lot

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