At AA Asphalting we have always put employee safety first and will continue to do so as we strive to provide the best possible service to our valued customers. AA Asphalting is committed to protecting our team members and the people in the communities that we serve. Employee safety and training is not only crucial to keeping our employees safe it also serves our customers and the communities that they call home. 

AA Asphalting We Believe That Safety Culture Is A Way Of Life

To achieve our employee health and safety goals, we have established a collaborative working environment. A collaborative working environment ensures that every one of our team members knows and understands that they have a voice when it comes to safety. Our teams both on-site and in the office work together to create one of the safest working environments in the construction industry, and we are able to maintain this standard of excellence through empowerment and shared values. 

Any company can say they care about safety, but to truly have a safe company, safety needs to start as a priority for our leadership team and be demonstrated by all. Making safety a priority is a tenet of the AA Asphalting philosophy, from our most tenured employees to our newest team members. Learn more about how we approach safety as a company below.

The Importance Of Safety Feedback In The Workplace

No matter what industry you’re in, it is critical to put employee safety at the forefront of operations. This goes well beyond protecting a business’ interests and is at the crux of ensuring your employees feel empowered and valued while they’re on the job. In a field like paving and construction, safety should always be placed front and center of business operations. Feedback is a critical component of improving safety measures and making sure that nothing gets overlooked. 

Superintendents, Foremen and leads on any asphalting job are always onsite and monitoring a job for safety. Here at AA Asphalting, we have a “see something, say something” policy that empowers our employees to offer on-site feedback and have that feedback taken seriously. Safety feedback is important for creating a truly safe worksite. With a constant flow of communication about best practices and regulatory compliance in both directions, it is possible to create avenues for communication that help everyone to learn more and stay safe.

Construction Industry

The Importance Of Compliance Training

A safe work environment starts with regular training, something especially important on potentially hazardous worksites or when working with heavy machinery and power tools. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration plays a key role in setting the standards and regulations around workplace safety, which AA Asphalting takes seriously. These regulations are central to our onboarding and regular training sessions. OSHA (and it’s state counterpart WISHA) also conducts inspections of worksites, completing over 30,000 federal workplace inspections and more than 40,000 state inspections each year. Beyond providing compliance training for our employees, we empower each and every member of our team to speak up—without fear of retaliation or reprimand—should they notice a safety concern during their workday. 

After-Action Reviews

AA Asphalting also implements an after-action review process so that we can foster a culture of continuous improvement in safety. For those unfamiliar with this way of working, after-action reviews offer a structured space to analyze what factors contributed to an event, why the outcome took place, and how to safeguard against missteps (or build upon successes) in the future.

In a field like construction, being able to reflect on your work during and after it is completed allows for potential safety risks or obstacles to be discussed in real-time—and learned from quickly and effectively. Even though every job site is different and has its own challenges, having this culture of review and reflection allows our team to constantly learn from our successes and missteps. After-action reviews make each and every worksite safer than the previous one.

By prioritizing safety with the above guideposts at the heart of our work, AA Asphalting is able to conduct our concrete and asphalt work safely while still using heavy machinery to complete our customers’ jobs as efficiently as effectively as possible. Everyone at AA Asphalting considers themselves part of a team and takes responsibility for their own safety, as well as other team members, and the public. 

Thanks to our focus on personal improvement and making the work environment safer and healthier, we have been able to consistently deliver high-quality work without endangering anyone involved on a project. Reach out to us to learn how we can handle your pavement and asphalting work.

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