Are you a homeowner or small business owner considering a driveway or parking lot facelift? When it comes to both residential and commercial paving in our Vancouver location, our team has outlined some important considerations when hiring a company to complete the job. 

In this week’s blog, we’ll prepare you for a successful outcome. 

Of course, driveway paving has some key differences from commercial pavement jobs. That being said, there is some overlap between both the two depending on what hard surface material you opr for: concrete or asphalt, which have their own pros and cons. Keep reading for successful residential and commercial paving strategies. 

Paving Checklist for Homeowners

While some of the tasks on this list may look similar whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, there are some key differences in how the concepts apply from job to job. 

Do Your Research

Reading Yelp or Google reviews is a great way to find highly-rated companies in your area to handle your driveway project. One thing to think about as you peruse various reviews is how a business replies to negative or mixed reviews.

This is sometimes just as informative as the review itself. Websites like Angie’s List can be just as helpful when it comes to research, too.

Pick Your Material

When you’re getting your driveway paved, you’ll need to choose between two hard surface materials: asphalt and concrete. This is partially an aesthetic consideration (as some prefer the look of concrete to asphalt), but there are some other technical things to think about as well.

For example, while both materials crack, asphalt tends to crack faster than concrete due to the fact that it is a softer consistency. On the other hand, asphalt is typically a bit cheaper than concrete and is also much easier to repair. 

Consider Safety

During your pavement job, you’ll want to make sure that safety is prioritized. This is especially true if you have children or pets that go outdoors, as you’ll need to ensure that your pavement company has appropriate ways of addressing their safety during the paving process. Discussing this during your paving consultation can give you the peace of mind you need to proceed with the project.

We recommend asking your preferred paving company about their safety practices, compliance training, workplace regulations and certifications. A company that prioritizes safety will be transparent about their practices. Here at AA Asphalting we prioritize employee and client safety. Learn more about our safety practices here. 

Discuss Timing

Timing is also something to consider in addition to safety. If you’ll still be driving the kids to school or commuting to work, you’ll need to make alternative parking arrangements while your driveway is paved. You may also want to discuss the project timeline with your neighbors so that they can also prepare for the upcoming project. 

Maintaining Your Driveway Paving

Once you’ve had your driveway paved, here are some tips to keep it looking in tip-top shape:

Paving Checklist For Small Business Owners

Do Your Research

While there’s nothing wrong with using Yelp or Google Reviews for commercial projects, it’s also a good idea to take a look at websites like the Better Business Bureau when evaluating a pavement company for your small business job. 

We also recommend reading reviews and setting up a call with the company to ask them any pre-project questions that you may have. 

Discuss Timing

Whether you’re getting a driveway paved or a small parking lot, you’ll want to carefully  consider timing as it relates to your business. Many pavement companies don’t schedule jobs on the weekends, but will do a job before the weekend so it can set up and harden during that time. 

If you close for the weekend anyway, starting a project on a Thursday or Friday could help minimize the business interruptions caused by the project.

As a small business owner, it’s important to communicate with current and potential customers. Putting up a sign or communicating temporary closures on social media or on your website is a great way to keep your customers in the loop. 

Consider Landscaping 

Are there trees or other landscape features near your business? Make sure to discuss these with your pavement company so that they understand the importance in avoiding them during their asphalting or concrete job. 

This is also a great time to think about if there are any new features you’d like added during the process. Maybe you’d like to offer shade for parked cars or bushes for aesthetic curb appeal. Landscape considerations before diving into a new asphalting project are a great idea. 

Communicate To Nearby Businesses And Customers

If you need to shut down your business or reroute customers over the course of your pavement job, make sure to do that well in advance of the job beginning. 

A post on social media, several emails, and even a sign so your regulars are reminded in the week leading up to the pavement project can be helpful for alerting customers and nearby businesses to the upcoming work. 

Especially if you’re going to need to change traffic patterns to complete the work, it’s vital to communicate with your customers and adjacent business owners ahead of time.

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