5 Tips For Getting Hired In The Construction Industry

Working in asphalt paving is one of the best construction jobs with little to no experience required at the entry level. That’s because asphalt paving companies, such as AA Asphalting, offer a lot of great benefits for anyone looking for a hands-on, outdoor job where hard work is rewarded. If you want to begin a […]

How To Select A Contractor For Your Next Municipality Project

Looking for an asphalt paving company to handle your next municipality project? Finding the right business to handle your professional asphalt repair job is a bit more involved than simply heading to Google and searching “asphalt companies Seattle.” Municipal projects often involve strict adherence to budgets and timelines, so it’s critical that you find the […]

Storm Drain Repair: Avoid Property Damage Before It’s Too Late

Storm drain repair and maintenance is likely not very high on your list of priorities if you run your own company. After all, as a business owner, you’re probably more focused on what happens inside your business than what happens outside of it.  That being said, properly maintaining your storm drain, catch basin or storm […]

Start Your Career in Construction: Become A Flagger Today

A flagging career can be an excellent job to pursue if you’re interested in working in the construction field. Many jobs in this sector are always in demand, and that’s just as true for flaggers as it is with many careers in the construction industry. Flagging is a great stepping stone for anyone looking to […]