While asphalt and concrete are sturdy materials for construction and pavement jobs, that isn’t to say that they’re impervious to wear and tear. Many times, a team of commercial asphalt professionals is needed in order to provide repair services for concrete and asphalt when it gets damaged or undergoes normal wear and tear due to weather, use and age. What are some of the most common reasons for pavement restoration in the first place, and how do you restore concrete? Keep reading to learn why pavement might need restoring in your area.

Restoration Following Underground Utility Work

Sometimes, one of the most common reasons pavement needs to be restored is because it gets damaged over the course of different city and county-mandated construction projects. For example, when utility work gets done underneath streets, the installation or replacement of sewage and gas lines often necessitates that hard surfaces, whether that’s concrete or asphalt be broken up in order to perform this work. If utility work is taking place in your neighborhood, you may be concerned about it impacting the usability and aesthetics of your roads. This is where professionals come in to remedy the problems after utility work has taken place.

In these sorts of situations, a team of commercial asphalt contractors can come and use a variety of methods like asphalt grinding and overlays to restore and breathe new life into the damaged material. This provides a tried-and-true approach to handling hard surface restoration, with cities and utility companies generally contracting trusted, local teams as part of the logistics of a new utility project.

Aging Asphalt 

Over time, it is very common for asphalt to develop cracks or potholes. This is just part of the aging process, and can be accelerated in areas where temperatures fluctuate significantly from hot to cold over the course of the year. Aging asphalt may also become distressed due to inclement weather like snow and rain. In these instances, asphalt patching is most likely going to be the restoration strategy to get hard surfaces back in working order. Asphalt patching is the go-to approach for commercial asphalt contractors wanting to increase the lifespan of pavement by fixing areas where there are cracks or other damage.

Tree Roots

In some instances, tree roots in people’s front yards or near school parking lots may be the culprit when it comes to the deterioration or destruction of hard surfaces like pavement, concrete or asphalt. While trees may improve the aesthetics of a neighborhood—who doesn’t dream of living on a quiet, tree-lined street?—their roots can also wind up wreaking havoc on driveways and streets. Generally speaking, the damage caused by tree roots needs to be handled by specialists as well as a company with experience removing roots and stumps. Together, these experts can repair and restore the damage, while helping prevent further problems from developing in the future.

root damage in asphalt

Improper Drainage

If too much standing water remains on or under a hard street surface for extended periods of time, it can quickly erode material like pavement, concrete or asphalt. Especially in parking lots and streets, improper drainage is not only responsible for excessive deterioration, but can also pose risks to the environment. This is because runoff water may mix with chemicals and oils emitted by cars, which can harm nearby plants and wildlife.

Clearly, these problems need to be addressed in addition to handling the restoration work, too. With the help of commercial asphalt  and concrete services, not only can the damaged surface be repaired, but so can storm drainage issues. You might even be interested in exploring pervious asphalt solutions, which meet stormwater regulations set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and can provide a green solution to the problem.
From utility work to aging asphalt and improper drainage, there are a number of factors that may impact the quality of your pavement, concrete or asphalt. In these situations, it’s important to work with a reliable asphalting company to meet your concrete restoration needs. No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, they will know how to restore a variety of hard surfaces properly and professionally.

hard surface restoration